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Westin Hilton Head Island, Grand Ocean Terrace Unveiling

We had the pleasure of being invited down to Hilton Head Island to enjoy the Westin over the last few days. The main purpose was for select destination planners and a few other local photo photographers and planners to experience the unveiling of the brand new Grand Ocean Terrace.  Y’all this property is incredible. The ballroom is sheer gorgeous-ness from top to bottom….literally.  Everything is so light and tastefully beachy.  On top of the visual beauty, the food and service were both incredible.  If you’re interested in an ocean front ballroom, surrounded by a pristine hotel and city, we definitely recommend the Westin Hilton Head Island.  =

Recessional Roulette

You’ve sat through the ceremony…quiet, reverent, hands holding your neatly folded program with the ever so perfectly tied bow…then, from the heavens above (ok just the speakers) our girl, the queen…..Beyonce….and her vocals ascending the altitudes with Love on Top.

YASSS honey!  They’re married and everyone is ready to party.

We encourage couples to find music for both ceremony and reception, that is reflective of their musical stylings and preferences.  Be unique!  Don’t feel like you have to stick to the same rendition of Canon in D that all of your other friends played.  Change it up a bit….yes, even in a church.   For my own wedding’s recessional we played Barry White’s You’re My First, My Last, My Everything (minus the long verbal intro)…in a Baptist church no less.  It’s a great burst of energy at this incredibly exciting time in your life, and in the day.  Surprise your guests and get them excited for a fun reception to follow.  Make your recessional a memorable one.

Here are some other suggestions from Pop Sugar and a few of our favorites below…

Creepy photo, but solid song.

We’re obsessed with Ray LaMontagne and have used this song for several first dances….but who’s to say you don’t recess with it too.

Anything JT we’re down for….and RIP MJ

Cinco de Mayo | Let’s drink margaritas and be inspired!

Being foodies around here, we could all eat Mexican flavored or inspired food and be perfectly content every.single.day.  I can’t believe I used to not like guacamole…I mean, how is that even possible?  Now, it’s one of my favorite things to make and eat, and apart from the hundred chips I used to eat it with, it’s healthy!  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little you’ll find us at a local dive this evening enjoying limes and salted rims and fighting over who’s going to wear the sombrero.

This wedding below was from a few Mays ago, but always gave off a southwestern and somewhat Spanish vibe with all of the vibrant colors and succulents.  The bride loved salsa so much that we had a rolling fresh salsa and quac cart roam the room at the end of the evening for a late night munchie.

Enjoy and we hope you find yourself inspired for your next party or event!

Check it out!

Photos via Smitten and Hooked

Beauty Food Trucks

Hiya!  Want to read a great analogy that a Charlotte based photographer shares about the cross between an on location beauty team on wedding day and food trucks?

Check it out here! The fab team over at Old South Photography Studios has a creative and oh-so-on-point article today about the importance of securing a solid on-location beauty team for wedding day…and we at CED couldn’t agree more!

Sexy Salads, the Creative Starter

So, our gang loves a salad…and the more creative and funky the better.  We love how this article  and local Charlotte blogger showcases how impressive a nice dinner can begin with a pre-set or butler passed salad.

Dreamlove Photography

We often use it as part of the table decor when we feel like the table needs a little more pop of something visual.

Organic Photography

Additionally, what guest doesn’t love a preset salad to begin enjoying to shave off that initial hunger before the full meal is served or before the stations are fully opened.  It really can take away the hangry edge.

To read through the full article and see some super yummy salad recipes, check out Borrowed and Blue’s link here.

This may be my personal favorite….so fresh and delish!  Anything with goat cheese is all for me.

So for your next event or wedding, consider playing chef with your favorite greens and toppings and create something that really speaks to you! … {and is in season for the best flavors}

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